eBay Privacy and Government Relations Participate in Geolocation Day at the California State Capitol

The eBay Privacy and Government Relations Teams participated in the Internet Association's "Geolocation" Lobby Day in Sacramento along with GR and privacy experts from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Lyft, and Pandora. The group spent time with 11 key legislators educating them on existing and emerging technologies, legitimate capture of geolocation data, security of that data, and to discuss policy implications. There is active legislation in California that aims to define "geolocation" in statute, establishing a precedent among the 50 states. These educational conversations have been valuable in informing bill language and understanding the various uses of geolocation data. eBay was a sponsor of the reception held that evening to award Assemblymen Low and Chiu as Internet Association’s ‘2015 Internet Champions’. The reception allowed the opportunity to connect with additional legislators that were not able to attend the daytime geolocation discussions.