Privacy Advocacy

eBay believes that e-commerce depends on consumer trust and that maintaining consumer privacy is essential to the continued growth of the Internet.  Thus, eBay supports US legislation and international law to provide a rational and constructive framework to protect consumers while recognizing legitimate uses of personal information.

Some general principles we think privacy legislation or regulation should include:

  • Notice of the personal information collected
  • A transparent policy on use and sharing
  • Notice and/or choice as appropriate for additional uses
  • Reasonable access to personal information
  • The ability to review adverse automated decisions
  • Uniform regulation of personal information across Industry
  • Clear preemptive national standards
  • Effective national enforcement
  • Opportunity to monitor and prevent fraud and other illegal activity
  • Security commensurate with the type and volume of personal information
  • Transparent account termination and data deletion process

Where we can add value, we participate in consultation and submit comments to draft legislation and regulation.  Here are examples of our commentary:

European Union

eBay Response to the EU Legal Framework for the Protection of Personal Data

eBay Response to the EU Consultation on the Future of E-commerce

eBay response to the European Commission Stakeholders' Consultation "Future of data protection EU Legal Framework for the Protection of Personal Data

North America

eBay Response to the Discussion Draft of the Boucher-Stearns Consumer Privacy Bill

We also work closely with eBay's Government Relations team, which has representatives throughout the world where eBay has a presence.  More on eBay's government relations team can be found on eBay Inc. Main Street.