About eBay's Global Privacy Office

eBay’s Global Privacy Office is a centrally managed team tasked with handling privacy matters for all of eBay’s products and companies across the globe. eBay has twice been recognized by the Ponemon Institute as being the top online company for privacy reputation. It is our goal to continue to have eBay counted as one of the premier online privacy companies.

The Global Privacy Office has a charter to:

  • Promote trust in the eBay brand through transparent, consistent, and reliable use of personal information.
  • Guide the company through compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and the promises we make to our users and employees in our privacy policies.

The Global Privacy team interacts regularly with all of eBay's business units -- marketing, advertising, human resources, legal, as well as information security, government relations, and enterprise risk. It is regularly involved in vetting proposed products and their implementation to ensure that customer privacy is properly protected.

Ask Us Questions

eBay is focused on enabling our members. We are always willing to listen and work with anyone (customers, regulators, privacy advocates) who has a suggestion or concern related to privacy.

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